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American Lung Association Teams Up With Greenville and Western Railway to Reduce Emissions

As a part of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest's (ALAUM) 2014 Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) grant award, ALAUM, working in conjunction with the American Lung Association of the Southeast and Greenville and Western Railway, recently completed a clean diesel project in Anderson County, South Carolina. The project consisted of retrofitting 2 switch locomotives with Eco-Trans locomotive Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), which are smaller, more efficient engines that consume less fuel than traditional locomotive diesel engines. Prior to the retrofitting, the 2 switch locomotives were powered only by large diesel engines that were frequently left idling when not in use. On average, switcher engines like the ones that were retrofitted can idle between 2,500 and 3,000 hours annually.

Though this project was a part of a much larger grant, it is estimated that the use of APUs on these two locomotives alone will reduce area emissions by 54.99 tons of nitrogen oxide, 2.94 tons of particulate matter, 0.96 tons of hydrocarbons, 1.03 tons of carbon monoxide, and 3,778.26 tons of carbon dioxide over the lifetimes of these engines. The locomotives travel through numerous counties and communities (many of which can be found on the "FY 14 Priority Counties and Areas List" for EPA Region 4) that will directly benefit from the emissions reductions as well

In ALAUM's experience, past and present DERA projects have led to other, broader efforts and sustainable, larger scale projects and programs to reduce emissions in affected areas. With the completion of each project, it is ALAUM's hope that the emissions benefits of replacement projects like these will continue to give back to the communities where these projects occur and inspire more efforts to contribute to cleaner, healthier air for all.


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