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Nearly 50,000 North Dakota adults and children are living with asthma. Using cleaner fuels is one way to help decrease environmental triggers associated with asthma and incidence of other lung disease.

Clean Fuels: North Dakota

North Dakota was home to the top-selling E85 station in the US in 2005. In 2008, through 25 retailers, North Dakotans used about 1 million gallons of E85 each year and we plan to grow that market, using more North Dakota-grown fuels closer to home. The number of flexible fuel vehicles in the state has increased to around 30,000. We estimate E85 users in North Dakota are helping prevent nearly 4,000 tons of fuel lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful pollutants from entering our air every year.

Additionally, ADM completed its biodiesel plant in 2007, and now produces 85 million gallons annually from 800,000 tons of canola. Eighty-five percent of the canola used at the facility is grown in North Dakota. This is the largest canola biodiesel plant in the United States. With this new in-state production capability, North Dakotans are using the renewable Clean Air Choice at 15 retail stations - and more are on the way.

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Renewable fuels information for North Dakota

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