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The Louis Dreyfus soy-based biodiesel plant (pictured below) in Claypool is the largest soy-based biodiesel plant in the world.

Clean Fuels: Indiana

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At the beginning of January 2005, the state of Indiana had no public E85 outlets and public biodiesel pumps were scarce. Even though Indiana is the 5th largest corn state and the 4th largest soybean state, Indiana only had one ethanol plant and no biodiesel plants. Today, with the help of a supportive administration, state production and use of biofuels is a main priority. Ethanol and biodiesel are environmentally friendly, reduce Indiana's dependence on foreign oil, and provide increased economic opportunities throughout the state.

Indiana now has the capability to produce around 750 million gallons of ethanol in its ten ethanol plants each year. Additionally, three more ethanol plants are under construction. Indiana also has five biodiesel plants that have the capacity to produce around 120 million gallons of biodiesel each year. The biodiesel plant in Claypool is the world's largest soybean-based biodiesel plant. Indiana's ethanol and biodiesel plants have created more than 800 direct jobs for Indiana residents and many more jobs in supporting industries.

The American Lung Association of Indiana is working with organizations throughout the state to promote cleaner burning renewable biofuels. General Motors and the American Lung Association of Indiana are collaborating in the Clean Air Choice Educational Partnership to educate consumers on E85 and help promote the growth of the fueling infrastructure. If you are interested in hosting an event please contact Brett Aschliman at Watch for a Clean Air Choice Event coming to your area.

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