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Nearly 800,000 Chicago Metropolitan and Greater Illinois residents are living with asthma today. Reducing air pollution can help decrease environmental triggers associated with asthma and incidence of other lung disease.

Clean Fuels: Illinois

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The American Lung Association in Illinois (ALAIL) administers the Illinois E85 Clean Energy Infrastructure Development Program in partnership with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. The program is designed to accelerate the use and availability of E85 fuel and other mid-level blends of ethanol as a clean burning, renewable alternative to conventional unleaded gasoline in the state of Illinois. The use of ethanol-based fuels reduces the outflow of energy dollars from the region, benefits the environment, and improves the rural economy. UL Certified E85-compatible dispensers are now available from both Dresser Wayne and Gilbarco Veeder-Root.

The Illinois E85 Clean Energy Infrastructure Development Program funds the installation of new E85 refueling outlets serving the general public. Flex Fuel Blender Dispensers capable of dispensing multiple mid-level blend of ethanol (E15, E20, E30, E85, etc.) and multiple E15 Dispensers may be considered. Eligible costs for new facilities include ethanol-tolerant tanks, piping, pumps and dispensing equipment (including mid-ethanol blenders). The Program also funds the costs of converting existing retail stations to E85 operation. In the case of conversions, eligible costs include tank cleaning and ethanol-tolerant dispensing equipment.

Due to limited funding, the ALAIL is primarily looking to support a large number of conversions of conventional gasoline facilities to Flex Fuel Dispensers with availability of E85 and mid-level ethanol blends by working with the owners and operators of stations seeking to convert multiple locations. Facilities located in or near "priority" areas within the state of Illinois (section 2.3) are preferred.

Funding through the Illinois E85 Clean Energy Infrastructure Development Program is available to offset the costs of:

  • up to $15,000 for a blender pump installation
  • up to $10,000 for a new E85 dispenser installation
  • up to $7,500 for conversion of existing stations

Stations interested in applying to the Illinois E85 Infrastructure Grant Program will be required to:

  • Complete a Grant Application
  • Must operate in the State of Illinois,
  • Agree to a 2-year commitment to selling E85, and
  • Must follow additional terms and conditions as outlined by our program partners.

You can find a copy of the grant application here or by contacting Jack Rusher or John DeRosa.

For more information or question about this program please contact:
American Lung Association in Illinois
Office: 217.787.5864

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