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Clean Fuels: E85

What is E85?
E85 is a fuel blend of up to 85% ethyl alcohol and gasoline. E85 is designed for use in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). When fueled with E85, FFVs are recognized as a Clean Air Choice®. For a complete list of FFVs please visit the FFV section.

Why is E85 a Clean Air Choice®?
A Flex Fuel Vehicle driver can significantly reduce lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions from entering our air by simply fueling with E85 instead of gasoline. Additionally, using E85 can reduce ozone-forming pollutants and evaporative emissions. Please visit the Pollutants section to learn more about the different air pollutants.

Okay, what about other benefits?
E85 has been recognized as a Clean Air Choice®, however, it also has additional benefits:

  • Renewable - ethanol is produced from renewable feedstocks like corn and other grain products. It can also be produced from agricultural and forestry wastes & specially grown energy crops.
  • Closer to Home - ethanol is produced closer to home instead of being imported from other countries.
  • Local Economy - feedstocks are grown and fuel is produced locally - creating jobs and supporting local economies.
  • Kick the Oil Addiction - E85 is one way we can begin to reduce our dependence on oil today. Please visit E85 Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about E85. If you have any questions that are not answered on the website, contact your local Clean Air Choice® office.

What about other ethanol blends?
Blender pumps offer E85 and other high-blend ethanol fuels such as E20 (20% ethanol/80% gasoline), E30 (30% ethanol) and E50 (50% ethanol). These ethanol blends should ONLY be used in FFVs.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of a 15% ethanol blend (E15) in all passenger vehicles model year 2001 and newer, as well as all FFVs. It should not be used in motorcycles, boats or small engines. E15 is available at a growing number of retail locations in the Midwest.

Any gasoline vehicle can use up to 10% ethanol (E10).


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