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North Dakota Clean Cities

We've changed our name! Red River Valley Clean Cities is now North Dakota Clean Cities.

The mission of North Dakota Clean Cities (NDCC) is to reduce the impact of fuel and vehicle emissions on our environment and health. NDCC believes the effort begins with influencing consumer choice. We seek to raise consumer and fleet understanding of new technologies and products that are significantly better for our air quality. NDCC believes a majority of consumers and fleet drivers, when properly informed and presented with affordable options will make a Clean Air Choice®.

Coalition Success Story
In recent years, new opportunities in North Dakota have expanded the activities of Red River Valley Clean Cities from just the eastern border, to cities and towns throughout the state. Because of this, we have officially changed our name to North Dakota Clean Cities and our coverage area to include the entire expanse of North Dakota with the exception of tribal lands. This change recognizes the petroleum reduction progress and partnerships developed throughout the state and provides better recognition on a national level. However, though our name and boundaries have changed, our goals and priorities remain the same and we look forward to continued work to increase the use of clean, alternative fuels in North Dakota.

North Dakota Clean Cities stakeholders are working to expand alternative fuel options to drivers in our state. For example, working with a broad range of partners in April 2013, we crisscrossed the state hosting workshops discussing natural gas vehicles and refueling infrastructure. View the presentation slides.

NDCC assists industry partners in raising consumer awareness of Clean Air Choices because we believe industry, when realizing the advantage in "doing the right thing," will be motivated to supply continuously improved clean air products. Building the NDCC as one of the 90-plus Clean Cities is an important step in continuing the efforts of Clean Cities as a voluntary program aimed at increasing the use of cleaner alternative motor fuels, such as biodiesel, electricity, E85, natural gas, propane, and others.

NDCC works to improve air quality, support economic development and curb dependence on overseas oil imports by increasing use of new cleaner fuels.

Designated August 10, 1998 in a ceremony at the University of North Dakota, and renewed in 2008, by the U.S. Department of Energy, NDCC is coordinated by the American Lung Association in North Dakota's Clean Fuel and Vehicle Technologies program, with support of stakeholders including fuel and equipment providers, fleet managers, technical experts, non-profits, automakers and private citizens.

With a large state and sparsely populated areas, transportation is essential to our daily lives. Unfortunately, our dependence on traditional fuels has endangered our health, economy, environment and national security. Increased public transit services and other transportation options are needed. However, in North Dakota, most businesses, governments, and consumers continue to rely heavily on individual vehicles.

What can we do? Vehicles that run on cleaner, American-made alternatives to traditional gasoline and diesel are one solution. For information on clean fuel and vehicle technologies available for your fleet click here.

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