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Clean Cities

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Clean Cities program is a voluntary, locally based government/industry partnership focused on mobilizing local stakeholders to expand the use of alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel by accelerating the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), and building a local AFV refueling infrastructure. The Clean Cities program coordinates the activities of both private and public sector proponents of AFVs by providing them with a forum to discover their commonalties, investigate opportunities for joint-projects, leverage scarce resources and promote the benefits of AFVs in their communities. The hallmark of Clean Cities is the local planning process that reflects a community's choice for alternative fuels and the ongoing commitment to that choice. By encouraging AFV use, the Clean Cities program will help achieve energy security and environmental quality goals at both the national and local levels. Specific Clean Cities goals are: creating new jobs and commercial opportunities; facilitating alternative fuel vehicle production and conversion; expanding local refueling infrastructure; developing "Clean Corridors"; increasing public awareness; advancing clean air objectives; and, supporting regulated fleets.

The transportation sector has an enormous impact on our economy, our national energy security, and our environment. Moreover, emissions from vehicles are the single largest contributor to air pollution in our cities, making our air unhealthy to breathe and increasing our health care costs. Clean Cities is proof we can work together to effect change by expanding the use of domestic alternative fuels.


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