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E85 Pricing and Retailers Near You
Find E85 prices and retailers throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

What Is Biodiesel
Biodiesel is an alternative fuel produced from vegetable oils or animal fats, and is cleaner burning that petroleum diesel.

The Air
Learn about the choices you can make to protect our air quality & health. Also find reports on daily air quality conditions.

Clean Cities
Clean cities coalitions are voluntary organizations dedicated to encouraging the use of clean fuels and clean vehicle technologies.

Clean Energy
Learn how renewable energy technologies can help improve air quality and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Learn More About The American Lung Association
The American Lung Association is the oldest volunteer health organization in the nation. Learn how we're fighting the nation's third leading killer?lung disease.


Upcoming Events

Clean Air Choice Student Contest
The Minnesota 2019 Clean Air Choice Biodiesel Scholarship Contest is now open.

B20 Club

Current News

DERA Grant Funding
The ALAUM is currently accepting applications for consideration under the current USEPA DERA Grant program.


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